Please stop teaching the creativity out of students with ADHD

Linear thinking is not a friend of many people living with ADHD. They are circuitous thinkers who approach problem solving as an adventure versus a task.

Many teachers recognize this aptitude but are limited in their ability to support it’s growth as a matter of course. It’s because they’re mandated by the ivory tower administration to stick to linear approaches to learning.

It’s understandable these students come to believe creative thinking is a bother and a waste of time because it isn’t rewarded or encouraged.

My sons are very visually artistic (I am not). They draw and paint beautifully and I encourage them to do it for themselves. It stimulates that part of their spirit that loves to play, explore and make things that don’t require following a linear set of rules.

Our brains need creative outlets in order to stay engaged with the spontaneity and wonder of life. The opposite extreme is a numbness stemming from the boredom of a monotonous life.

Disruptive kids could be your best teachers as they’re often agitated by boredom. Finding out what will help them be more engaged can often improve the experience for everyone, including the teacher.

Yes I know some schools are working to change this and I give them credit and extend my utmost gratitude for them doing so.

May their example pave the way to a new normal, even if the path isn’t a straight one.

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