Bridging the Gaps of Communication
Bridging the gaps of communication, for a more connected you.
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Empowering Neurodiverse Men and Women
Where ND and NT women, and mothers of ND children learn to thrive, not just survive.
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BRAVE Course
True bravery is looking inward- here's how to manage your emotions without overwhelm.
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Inspiring Presentations
Book Brian King, MSW to uplift and motivate your students and employees
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Imagine it…

  • Having a built-in community of people who truly understand and support you
  • Real, practical tips to feel your emotions (without overwhelm) 
  • Expert advice at-the-ready so you no longer approach life with a ”this wall doesn’t have spaghetti on it yet” technique
Whether you’re a neurodivergent woman or parent of an ND child, you know that it takes a village.
But villages can be hard to find and take years to build, which leads to many of us feeling like we’re on our own. 
But we’re not.

Important Note: you don’t need to be Neurodivergent or even a woman to work with me. Just a strong desire to increase your self-compassion, unlearn shame and live from a place of gratitude – for starters.

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Meet Brian King, MSW

Brian is a Professional Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Presenter, ADHD/ Autism Consultant, and Bestselling Author who has been wowing audiences for over 30 years. 

He’s also neurodivergent and raising three ND sons in addition to battling hEDS, POTS, and other disabilities. 

Throughout his career, he’s become known as a pinnacle of positivity (in a non-toxic way) and resilience in the face of his learning and physical disabilities. 

His candor, compassion and wit set him apart in an industry filled with messages like ‘’Just choose joy,’’ and ‘’We’re all in the same boat.’

Brian tells it like it is, makes you laugh, and touches your heart all at the same time.

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