Unlimited Laser Coaching

How can you receive UNLIMITED 15 minute laser focused calls with Brian for an entire year?

When you enroll for 1 year you can talk to Brian as many times as needed for less than $84 per month. 

Is it really unlimited? YES! It’s really UNLIMITED. 

What’s the catch? 

You need to do the work!!!

For every call we have I will give you an assignment to help you move closer to your goal(s). 

You MUST complete your assignment before scheduling your next session. That’s fair isn’t it?

How can you accomplish anything in 15 minutes? 

1. I’ve developed a process that has solved problems in as little at 7 minutes
2. We focus on one issue per call and work to discover at least 1 action step to move you closer to your goal(s). 

After each call you I will give you 

  1. A recording of the call
  2. Confirmation of your homework,
  3. A link to schedule your next call

Then you: 

  1. Review the recording (as needed).
  2. Complete your homework and return the results to me. Once I’ve signed off on it,
  3. You can schedule your next session.  
  4. In between calls you can email me your questions about how to complete your assignment. Again, we’re staying laser focused in our work together. 

Easy peesy 🙂 

Invest $997 now for the year and save significantly over my regular coaching rate that goes as high a $800 per month.

Again, UNLIMITED coaching for an entire year for less than $84 per month. 

Click Buy Now below to enroll. 

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