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  • EP 5 - The Stop Swearing Experiment August 13, 2018
    About a month or so ago I decided to try an experiment. To see what would happen if I stopped swearing. Here's why I did it and what I learned from it.
  • EP 4 - What does service mean to you? August 11, 2018
    Being of service to one another is our foremost responsibility. How you serve isn't simply a measure of your job skill its an example of your character. Watch this video and let's explore this value together.
  • EP 1 - What I HATE about inspiration! August 9, 2018
    There's a problem with the inundation of inspirational quotes and videos we experience on our social media feeds each day. When they don't lead to inspired action. Listen as I explore ideas on what to do about this.
  • EP 2 - Calming the tornado of thoughts in your mind August 8, 2018
    Being a creative person doesn't obligate you to be swimming in so many thoughts that you don't which to grab and which to ditch. Learning to focus in the storm of your own creative juices is a must if you want to get anything done. In this episode I help you learn how.
  • EP 3 - Which voice in your head should you listen to? August 7, 2018
    If you have a strong inner critic (the voice that tells you how dumb you are, etc), it can really sabotage your ability to tap into the confidence you need to stay motivated and on track when you're trying to get things done. A client of mine recently discovered what he needed to do to […]
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