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Being a parent of a neurodiverse child comes with many challenges and gifts. You don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Welcome to the safe space for your neurodivergent mind where you’re supported, understood and accepted.

A place where we hold the space for you, your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts. 

Just the way they are. 

No filter needed. 

We’re here to support and guide you.

The one place you can be unapologetically you and talk about what you need without feeling like it’s trivial or like you’re alone in your struggles. 

There is power in a community that just ‘gets it’!

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In the N.E.W. Inner Circle you can:

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What is the N.E.W. The Inner Circle?

The Neurodivergent Empowered Women’s Inner Circle (NEW-IC) is a community, run by me, Brian R. King, MSW.

As a Professional Workshop Facilitator and Keynote Presenter who has been wowing audiences for over 30 years, I have become increasingly known for my personal story of resilience in the face of Learning and Physical disabilities to become a #1 Best-Selling Author and successful Entrepreneur.

The NEW-IC is an intimate space where you get guidance, strategies and support to navigate relationships, gain confidence and get specific strategies to help your child and your family live your best life.

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With your monthly membership you get access to:

  • Weekly Group Calls

    2 weekly group coaching calls with other circle members who wish to do a deeper dive for greater transformation. (something our members find very helpful) (Value $249)

  • Call replays and transcripts

    Transcripts of coaching calls. Laser-focused guidance from me to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more. . . (Value: $449)

  • 24/7 Support

    Access to our private group (for Inner Circle Members) to collaborate with and get support from other members – THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT! (Value: $299)

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The day you found out that your child is not like everyone else...

 was the day the whole world stopped for a minute.

 In a way you kind of always known, but now everything makes more sense.

But life didn’t get easier.

It got more complex because you now had to navigate parenting, the world and relationships from a different place than everybody else.

The inner circle is here, so you don’t feel like you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean in a rowboat with no paddle.

I’m here to give you the strategies and the support you need to navigate the rough waters and get you to land safely.

It’s so easy to feel lonely and like you’re the only one who knows how you’re feeling. 

In the NEW-IC, you don’t have to keep it cool, put on a mask and smile. NEW-IC is a community where you can show up as you are.

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Meet your biggest cheerleader Brian King

Back in 2008 I found myself as a single father to three wonderful boys ages 3, 5 and 11. All of them are on a neurodiverse spectrum, each one having different needs and challenges.

Even though I grew up with undiagnosed ADHD, Asperger’s and Dyslexia, it was not until my son got diagnosed with Asperger’s that I committed my life to understanding how I can help my children live their best lives and get all the success and happiness from life.

Zachary went from extreme anxiety, frequent classroom meltdowns, aggression and diagnoses of Asperger’s, ADHD, Dyslexia and bi-polar to working at a movie theatre where he was awarded Employee of the Month 4 times. He now has a part time job working at a hospital while he completes his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Aidan was diagnosed with Autism at 3 years old with a significant speech delay which made him nearly unintelligible until he was 6 years old. He spent more time receiving 1-on-1 assistance outside of class than in it. He struggled with sensory sensitivities, would burst into tears or fly into a rage at the slightest frustration. Now he’s been working the drive-thru at McDs for 2 years. He’s a high school graduate and is studying Welding at the Community College with an A average.

My youngest Connor was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and with ADHD when he was 9. His sensory sensitivities often resulted in tears the moment he returned from school each day. He’s highly creative and very structured in his approach to life. In spite of his profound shyness, he decided to try out for the school play and was cast in a primary roll. It’s his Junior Year. He’s having a blast.

Getting a neurodiversity diagnosis does not mean settling for lesser! It means getting the tools and strategies necessary to get just as much (or maybe even more) from life.

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