Brian is a guy who can help many people not in a wheelchair but confined by their own debilitating fears and negative chatter. You rock my man. – Thomas Watson

“Brian’s simple strategies helped me become a better person and a better communicator. His lectures are powerful and he manages to share insights that can help anyone. He speaks to the core of what it is to be human. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from him.” – Dawn Walden
 “Brian King really struck a chord with me on a personal level – what he said applies to all kinds of relationships with any person, whether on the spectrum or not.  His strategies are good advice for everyone and probably in particular those with mental health issues.  He was amazing!” – Anonymous from a presentation evaluation
 In just 30 min, Brian was able to help me focus on my need for control and how to restore my sense of wonder. He also gave me strategies on how to effectively listen to my daughter as we make the decision of whether homeschooling is a match for her.”
– Christine Rosas
 “I encourage anyone who has an overactive mind/are a generally doubtful person to reach out to Brian. Something about this man worked on me. He addressed my doubts; my stomach stopped churning and I started to shift internally to a calmer spot.”
– Scott Doucet
 “I first heard Brian King speak at the June 2015 Living with Autism Conference sponsored by The Arc of Illinois and The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP).  His presentation was incredibly human, inspirational and motivating!   Brian exemplifies learning through adversity. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences to help others. This is why, when I was asked to identify potential presenters for the 2017 Targeting Autism forum, I knew I wanted to reach out to Brian right away. I knew that he would share powerful yet practical tools to positively impact the lives of those in attendance – and he did!” – Mary Pelich 
 “I Love Brian’s outside the box approach. I came to him hoping to find a path to forgiveness that would help deepen my relationships. What blows me away is that Brian makes himself accessible at any time one of us needs some on-the-spot coaching in a difficult situation….AWESOME! Brian’s knowledge reaches a broad spectrum of humans with challenges because of his knowledge and talents. He is in his own. His purpose. He makes a difference on this earth. I would recommend him hands down to anyone looking to improve their relationships.” – Shannon McKennie
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