I’ve been an attorney for nearly 20 years and I own my own practice. I worked with Brian as my ADD and life coach. He has a very deep understanding of the challenges I face as an entrepreneur and as a father. His strategies and counsel has been instrumental in helping me manage my stress and keeping me on task in all areas of my life.
TestimonialSteven Marderosian

Brian is the sharpest minded, spot on coach, I have ever spoken to. With almost lightening speed, he’s able to help penetrate my confusion and get to the source of it all. Brian is able to drop a few actionable ideas, that make it all suddenly doable. In a few minutes I went from despair and confusion to clarity and enthusiasm. He is ready to sober you right away, so fast you don’t even know what hit you. He’s a real blessing.
TestimonialMaya Sebok

I want to PUBLICLY express honor, love and appreciation for one of the greatest human beings walking the face of this earth.
I honor you for being such an amazing one of a kind gift to the world. Thank You!
TestimonialShane Callcut

I’m more than excited to recommend, Brian R. King. I just got some of my own personal training from him, and WOW! This guy is unbelievable! Very genuine, and right to the point.
TestimonialRylan Christensen

In a full panic, I reached out to my cherished friend, Brian R. King yesterday. In under 20 minutes he completely reframed my perception. After processing overnight and while driving for five hours, my mind is completely transparent and calm. Your coaching is divinely inspired–you, gifted for just this purpose, my friend. Grateful beyond words.
TestimonialDena Gassner

I reached out to Brian King after experiencing a feeling of rejection I just couldn’t shake. As a result, I experienced something new. He helped me calm down, within minutes.
He addressed my doubts; my stomach stopped churning and I started to shift internally to a calmer spot.
TestimonialScott Doucet

I always knew what my purpose in life was and is, but some limiting beliefs that I didn’t know I had would keep me stuck from honor it. Brian, in only 30 minute session was able to put order in my mind. What amazed me the most about him was how Present he was during the session. I feel fully blessed and grateful that I found him. I would definitely recommend you call him TODAY.
TestimonialNat Agosta (Venezuela)

I was having a hard time staying mindful at work. Primarily because I don’t enjoy it. Brian reminded me there is a reason I am here and now in this environment. That this will only help me help my clients who are experiencing the same thing. Brian also reminded me that mindfulness is something I need to learn to apply to all my life. He has a very inviting and accepting openness about him. Thanks Brian for all that you do.
Mindfulness Coach, Mentor & Adviser, Shannon Hipson

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Brian’s unique perspective and witty personality shine a brilliant light on a sometimes tough situation. You couldn’t ask for a better guide.  TestimonialShannon Bednowicz