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You’re satisfied with a fake it till ya make approach, right?

Question…how long have you been faking it now? When does the “make it” happen?

It happens when you let go of the nonsense that confidence is a static destination you arrive at.

Confidence is like walking a tightrope in high wind. You maintain it by focusing your attention on being balanced in the present moment.

Thinking about the last time you fell (when there was a net) and hope it doesn’t happen again…you will fall.

Thinking about the applause you’ll receive when you reach your destination…you will fall.

I’ll tell you a secret.

Confidence is about more than believing in yourself.

🌱 It’s also about believing in the resources you use to make things happen (e.g. Beliefs, habits, tools and strategies).

🌱 It’s about trusting what you’ve learned and who you learned it from to guide your decisions and your actions.

🌱 It’s about trusting you’ll have the support you need to stand tall AND rise after you fall.

Damn, that would be a great way to live huh? Too bad you don’t know how. But you want to know, don’t you?

I won’t tell you now but I’ll tell you where you can learn…

It’s the same place where you’ll have access to the tools, strategies and community of brothers and sisters who support you, without judgement, every moment of every day.

That and you get to talk to me LIVE every week. These are the privileges you receive as a member of my BRIC Community (Bless & Release Inner Circle).

It’s where I’ll guide you step by step to replace your feelings of insecurity with the confidence YOU matter, your actions make a difference and you have a purpose in this world.

🌱 You’ll learn to love yourself for who you truly are

🌱 You’ll discover “you’re good enough” in a way that can’t be taken away from you

🌱 You learn to feel confident by simply being human

🌱 You get to release the guilt you inflict upon yourself for being less than perfect.

You can learn and live all this through…

🌱 24/7 access to ME and a community of Confidence Warriors to support and guide you

🌱 A growing library of resources to help you transform the way you think and feel about yourself and your value in this world.

🌱 A live weekly video coaching where you’ll experience a loving, nonjudgmental place to do the deep work needed to let suffering go in order to let joy in.

This can be your experience instead of the “life” you tolerate now. 

Read the testimonials below from fellow warriors who have experienced major transformations through the BRIC Community . . .

If you aren’t convinced after reading this there’s nothing more I can do . . .

Brian has an approach that I find powerfully unique to everyone else.

Brian provides a very safe space for us all in his inner circle. One where we can be vulnerable, we can share our deep stuff, our pain and hurts without any fear of judgement or unhelpful opinions.

We all have a great level of trust in each other and in Brian.

What we have with Brian is a community where we have the option of 1 to 1. We also have our circle in which each of us can contribute our thoughts, perspectives, support each other, make suggestions, empower and cheer each other on. It feels like we get to mentor each other too. Nobody is ever made to feel like their contribution doesn’t matter or is not good enough.

Brian guides each of us, but rather than just teach or share his wisdom and knowledge he gives us in a way we discover things ourselves.

The way we do things in the community I personally feel has much more of a positive profound impact because it enables us to build up our own confidence because we are the ones discovering it rather than being ‘taught’

Brian gently and compassionately asks the questions needed, and provides suggestions for areas that we may need to work on.

Each of us varies in our level of healing and self discovery. That too is respected by everyone. There is never any pressure if someone isn’t quite ready to do the deep work. That’s ok.. it gives us much needed breathing space.. because progress is progress ❤

Brian is so authentic & down to earth, honest & compassionate with us because he too does the work & growth too.. Knowing that even those we look up to and admire are able to be vulnerable. To show us that its not the destination that matters but the journey there, he walks it with us.

– Becky Jane Stephenson

Apply to join BRIC (link below) ..

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Is the Bless and Release Inner Circle Community right for you? Let’s see. . .

  • Are you a woman? (I often work with moms raising school age kids with ADHD/ASD) I work with women in general. 
  • Do you want to be free of the beliefs you hold that tell you you aren’t good enough?
  • Are you ready to experience a confidence stronger than you’ve ever experienced?
  • Are you a lifelong learner eager to learn about yourself and others?
  • Willing to be honest and vulnerable about your emotions and struggles?
  • Are you proactive in asking for what you need (or willing to become more so)?
  • Do you understand life (e.g. parenting, relationship) challenges have no quick fixes and involves trial and learning to find what works?

In this community you’ll have an entire community of women who answer “yes” to the questions above. to back you up, lift you up and pull you forward. Without judgment!

Ready to get to work?

Considering my per session rate is $175 the inner circle will over deliver for you.

Ready to apply?

Click Here to complete the application for admission into our community


Bless & Release Community (Basic)

Build your confidence while banishing insecurity
$ 50

  • Exclusive confidence building and insecurity banishing video lessons to help increase the impact you have in the world
  • Worksheets to help you pin point exactly what’s holding you back so you can do something about it. You can complete each one on your favorite device without having to print anything out.
  • Access to our private group to collaborate and get support from other members – THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!
  • Interviews with people from all walks of life on how they found their confidence.
  • A Monthly Group Coaching Call (Recorded and Transcribed)

Click Here to Enroll
See you on the inside!

Ready to do the deep work and work more closely with Brian to uproot the gremlins of insecurity so you can be a more powerful force for good in the world? THAT’S what the Inner Circle is all about. 

BRIC Inner Circle Membership

$ 200

  • Everything in the BASIC program PLUS . . .
  • You can attend weekly group coaching calls with other circle members who wish to do a deeper dive for greater transformation
  • Transcripts of coaching calls
  • Laser focused guidance from me to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more. . .
  • Access to our private group (for BRIC Members) to collaborate with and get support from other members – THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!

Click Here to Enroll
See you on the inside!

One to One with Brian

$ 175

  • Up to 1 hour of Brian’s time and attention
  • We’ll quickly identify and bottomline the reasons for your present difficulty
  • Laser focused guidance from me to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more. . .
  • Access to our private group to collaborate with and get support from other members – THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!
  • Transcript of our call for your reading pleasure
  • BONUS! If you’re enrolled in the Inner Circle your One on One with Brian will be discounted $50, so you’ll pay $125 for the hour

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Looking forward to helping you.

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