My Personal Guarantee

I am writing this letter to extend a personal guarantee to you…
When you become one of my loyal clients.

My goal is to provide you with the best ADHD coaching service.

I believe I am an extension of you and I am dedicated to your success.

In order to meet this goal,
I am willing to extend extra effort for you where and when required.

In my effort to serve clients, I am often busy hustling,
and sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day challenges.
As you know, I have ADHD as well. Though I have a basket of strategies,
it still affects me.

And because of the rapid growth, I am currently experiencing, plus the increased
energy I must expendmentally,
sometimes I let you down.
I don’t always fulfill a commitment,

or solve your problems to your satisfaction.

As a result, I am implementing a special guarantee of problem resolution
for my valued clients and
I need your help to make it effective.


First, my guarantee:

If you have a problem, it will be expeditiously resolved to your total satisfaction, or your next month of service is FREE.

In order to qualify for the guarantee,
here is the help I need from you:

When you have a problem, talk to me, and let me know what’s going on. I will do all I can to resolve your problem in a timely manner.

Call me personally at (815) 263-7895

Your problem will be resolved ASAP.

All too often on these very busy days, we don’t take the time to thank our clients for their loyalty.

It’s one thing to say “thank you”, and I do.

It’s another to let you know how important your business is through the actions I take.

I hope you will take this offer seriously and help me focus on your needs the best I can.

Thank You for being a loyal client.


Brian R. King, MSW