Dear Brian, Thank you so much for presenting yesterday! Your insight into the human condition and how to better our relationships with others is a priceless gift, and I am grateful that you were willing to share it with us. I will forever be changed due to your presentation and I am so excited to go back home tonight and be a better OT, wife, daughter, sister, and friend to all of those in my life. I firmly believe that your information applies to everyone, not just those working with people with a diagnosis or label. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us and making us better people because of it.

Michelle Dudgeon (Minot, North Dakota) Tweet

What you’ll learn from this seminar

From social skills to sensory sensitivities, this self-paced video seminar will walk you step by step through the concepts and strategies you’ll need, to prepare your child with Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism for successful relationships with peers, coworkers, and neighbors.

In the following 12 videos you’ll learn how to:

  • Teach your child to practice more Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Resilience.
  • Change problem behavior into preferred behavior with a simple formula (NOT ABA)
  • Meet the 6 primary needs of your child to prevent meltdowns, tantrums and improve classroom success.
  • Understand your child’s 10 (yes 10) senses and how to accommodate his sensory needs to increase his capacity for calm and focus.
  • Help your child identify inflexible beliefs that hold him back AND how to correct them.
  • Provide your child with constructive feedback in a way he’ll be thankful for it.
  • Teach your child the 5 steps to ask for help and get it.

These and many more strategies await you in this life changing seminar.

Enroll NOW!

$ 27
1 time payment
  • Course Workbook
  • Lesson 1: The 3 R's of Life that create a foundation for lifelong success
  • Lesson 2: The behavior management formula to get things under control quickly
  • Lesson 3: The 6 essential needs of every human being and how to meet them consistently
  • Lesson 4: Sensory Sensitivities and how to manage them
  • Lesson 5: Using sensory language to connect with your child
  • Lesson 6: Your beliefs, values and how they can sabotage you
  • Lesson 7: Giving and receiving feedback that will be heard and adopted
  • Lesson 8: The power of clarification to reduce misunderstandings
  • Lesson 9: Negotiation with a child that works
  • Lesson 10: How to ask for help and get it
  • Lesson 11: The legacy exercise to integrate everything you've learned in this course
  • Bonus: Brian shares his story of growing up undiagnosed
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