Have a Happy Family with ADHD Program

Are you fed up with the stress ADHD places on your family?

Below are the solutions you’ve been looking for . . .


tiffBrian’s way and style of coaching is the most brilliant I’ve never seen in my entire 23 years of working with counselors, therapists, psychologists, and coaches…he makes if fun also and is such an inspiration and your #1 cheerleader while you are going through the beautiful process of unfolding into your natural highest self. Brian’s love and compassion is so moving and I am so fortunate to be working with him on such a personal level. – Tiffany Ballard


Tired of arguing with your children?

I feel out of control of myself. Like I’m reacting much of the time?

I feel like a failure as a parent and am afraid my child will fail at life.


I want loving conversations with my kids.

I want my home to be a place I enjoy coming to and being in.

I want my kids to become responsible adults who lead happy lives.

I want to learn how to make all this happen.


What I do IS NOT therapy, it’s 10X better. It works faster and the results are more lasting.

Whether coaching Dads, Parents or Professionals. My 7 step process continues to blow away the results even the best therapy can create.

This process is designed to focus on one problem at a time (which is less overwhelming for our folks with ADHD).

Most sessions only take 15-20 minutes and ends with a specific action you will take to create the change you want. You can stay in touch with me throughout the week so I can support you in making the change happen.

Give me15 minutes and I’ll show you how to change your relationships and your life.

sidebrianI’m Brian R. King

As a result of:

  • Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD and dyslexia
  • Learning to find happiness while living with anxiety and depression.
  • Discovering my psychic abilities when I was 15
  • Surviving cancer at age 18
  • Raising three sons with ADHD and Aspergers
  • Most recently, being diagnosed with a debilitating condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.My creative strategies for managing my ADHD and teaching my children to manage theirs; are what people from around the world most want to learn from me. That’s in addition to the concrete relationship strategies that can transform the relationship any parent has with his/her child.

So let’s be clear. . .

  • You’re fed up with all the arguing
  • You hate it when your child pushes your buttons
  • You’re DONE trying to figure it all out on your own
  • You know you’re child is capable of more but you can’t figure out how to make it happen.
  • You need someone to hold you accountable to make sure you follow through, right?

Are you ready to solve these problems? GREAT!

MyHave aHappy Family with ADHDprogram will help you.

Choose from one of the options below . . .



If you want more 1 to 1 time with Brian, in addition to everything in the Holiday Special, this option allows you to experience more in-depth Relationship Teaching for:

  • Couples
  • Parents raising kids with ADHD or Asperger’s
  • Individuals wanting to live more mindful and purposeful lives

You can have a 15-minute LASER Session with Brian one time per week.

The investment for this life-changing option . . .

$300 per month

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As a Diamond client, you have the greatest options of all. You’ll receive everything in the Silver option PLUS

  • You can have daily 15-minute POWER Sessions with Brian (if needed).
  • Brian can work with your entire family
  • Brian can also work directly with educators that serve your child

The investment for this transformation option . . .

$500 per month

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6 month SPECIAL! = 4 months w/2 months FREE

  • You’ll receive access to Brian’s online library of video and audio lessons that include topics such as, Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Parenting, Relationship building, Productivity strategies and more . . .
  • You will be able to learn with and from other members in a private Facebook group exclusively for this program
  • You can participate in three weekly Client Conference Calls where you get to talk with Brian and other community members LIVE. Each call has a different focus
    1. Monday Mindset Boost = get the strategies you need to start your week strong
    2. MondayRelationship Roundtable = where you learn to transform communication and relationships challenges
    3. Technology Wednesday = teaches you to leverage the latest technology to radically improve your organization, time management, and productivity.
    4. Thursday Spouse’s Mastermind = where we take a close look at the unique issues facing couples with a special needs family member. We discuss solutions, strategies and give each other support.

Access for 6 months – a single payment of$2000

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