How have I been raising 3 sons with ADHD & Asperger’s for the past 20 years while managing my own ADHD and physical challenges?

6 words:


Those are the 6 areas of competency I’ve been working on within myself for decades. These are the 6 competencies I focus on with my clients living with ADHD.

The greater the challenge the stronger you must be in these areas.

Those who complain, have a victim mentality and give up easily haven’t learned how to build the necessary muscle in these areas.

You are capable of far more than you realize, you just need the tools and the strategies to break through the barriers that stand in your way.”

As you may know, I provide coaching via texting/messenger for tweens on up to adults. Digital kids like ours love this way of working.

They’re more comfortable communicating this way than with other forms of communication.

They can reach me anytime, from anywhere without an appointment.

If I can’t respond right away the important things is that the question was asked or the concern expressed. 

In addition, I assign my clients exercises to work on to accomplish the goals we decide to address together. 

I ask that a parent also be involved in the work as an accountability partner. We can discuss more what this would entail.

I recently had a dry run via text with a teen I'd never spoken to before. Within a short period of time, I established rapport, discovered their goals and reached an agreement to work together on better managing executive functioning issues. All via texting. Not sure whether it would work for you? Then let's try it out so you can experience it for yourself.
Brian R. King, MSW
ADHD Mindset Coach

Ready to get started? Then CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to begin our journey together.

As agreed:

  • You can text me whenever you need to with questions, to strategize and to share your successes.
  • I host weekly live group conference calls for my clients which you’ll receive reminders to.
  • There’s also a private Facebook group and dozens of instructional videos to enhance your learning.

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Welcome and Congratulations again for making such a generous investment in yourself. 

I can attest to Brian’s quick/authentic rapport with teens! Give him a try for your family or yourself! Tell him Linda sent you!! 😃 Brian’s on 🔥
Linda Weaver

$197 per month

If you’re interested in real time coaching through video conference we can discuss those options.