Are you fed up with the stress, negative thinking and self-sabotaging behavior that makes life harder than it needs to be?

Below are the solutions you’ve been looking for . . .

Strategies to help you live a happier, more empowered and productive life.

How? By mastering the 4R’s of Life.

Brian’s way and style of coaching is the most brilliant I’ve never seen in my entire 23 years of working with counselors, therapists, psychologists, and coaches…he makes if fun also and is such an inspiration and your #1 cheerleader while you are going through the beautiful process of unfolding into your natural highest self. Brian’s love and compassion is so moving and I am so fortunate to be working with him on such a personal level. – Tiffany Ballard




  • You’re your own worst enemy.
  • You’d like to try new things but you’re afraid of screwing it up.
  • You feel so scattered all the time you don’t know where to begin, so you don’t.There’s a lot more isn’t there? I get it, I used to have these problems too.



Learn to live your life according to the 4R’s of life that I’ve been practicing and teaching for almost 30 years.

1. I choose to be responsible for my thoughts, my emotions and my actions today. That I may choose to live from the best parts of myself as often as possible.

2. I choose to be resourceful. Remembering I am surrounded by the solutions I need to work through any adversity I face today.

3. I choose to be resilient. No matter how hard I’m not down. Knowing that I will be stronger and wiser each time I stand back up.

4. I choose to practice reciprocity. To give as well as receive in gratitude to all those that help me to grow into the person I’m capable of being.


Brian R. King – International Presenter, #1 Best Selling Author and ADHD/Asperger’s Consultant

When Brian’s sons were each diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD, he subsequently received the same diagnoses.

Aside from gratitude to have his rough childhood explained, he knew he had to prepare his sons for the world or it would eat them alive.

Brian set out to learn the skills he needed to be more successful in communication, relationships and life. While working diligently to understand relationships, Brian began teaching his sons the same skills.

It was when Brian began attending a parent support group for Asperger’s that things really changed. Unbeknownst to the parents, Brian was living with the same diagnoses as their children. But there was more.

Brian has a remarkable ability to explain his experiences in a way that drops the curtain between a parent and a child with Asperger’s or ADHD.

When Brian would hear one parent offer a recommendation to another that he knew to be off base. He would offer his recommendation. Before long the meetings would begin with parents announcing, “I have a question for Brian.”

When the parents learned that Brian was a social worker they assumed he worked with ASD children for a living (he didn’t). They begged him to begin with their children because he gave them insights and strategies that they hadn’t received from years of working with other professionals. Strategies that WORKED.

After about a year of listening to their insistence, Brian opened up a small office and word spread so fast, Brian was able to quit his day job four months later. He hasn’t looked back since.

All these years later, Brian has written 5 books and presents internationally to parents and educators who want to learn his unique and transformational perspective on living with Asperger’s and ADHD.

Brian’s Method

The 4R’s is an approach Brian uncovered when reconstructing his own life after surviving a battle with cancer when he was 18 years old.
He wanted to heal the hurt, fear and general negativity he felt about life. In his search for a more positive mindset. He found a lot of theory around positivity, and plenty of platitudes and ‘new age woo woo’. He kept searching, and what he found was profound. The best of his discoveries he distilled into the 4R’s of Life.
When Brian introduced the 4R’s to his clients they were blown away.
His practical, actionable, workable, effective methodologies were the very things his clients had been searching for. His clients found they actually wanted to follow his suggestions. By doing so they experienced great results.

I’m Brian R. King, and as a result of:

  • Growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia and dysautonomia
  • Learning to find happiness while living with anxiety and depression.
  • Surviving cancer at age 18
  • Raising three sons with ADHD and Asperger’s
  • Most recently, being diagnosed with a debilitating condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. My positive, concrete and actionable strategies for managing my ADHD and teaching my children to manage theirs; are what people from around the world most want to learn from me. That’s in addition to the concrete relationship strategies that can transform the relationship any parent has with his/her child.


Are you ready for more happiness and productivity in your life? GREAT!


My program can help you


You’ll receive access to Brian’s online library of video and audio lessons that include topics such as, Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Parenting, Relationship building, Productivity strategies and more . . .

You will be able to learn with and from other members in a private Facebook group exclusively for this program

You can participate in 1-4weekly Client Conference Calls where you get to talk with Brian and other community members LIVE.

Each call has a different focus:

Morning Mindset Boost Parenting with Purpose Stronger Together for Couples
9am CST (Mondays) 8pm CST (Mondays) 8pm CST (Wednesdays)
Get the insights and strategies you need to start your week strong Learn the proven strategies Brian teaches throughout the world to raise a child who leverages the gifts of ADHD/Asperger’s to live a successful life. A time to explore the challenges of creating and maintaining a collaborative relationship while raising a child with ADHD/Asperger’s
Successful Adulting with ADHD or Aspergers

8 pm (Thursdays)

This is a weekly online masterminding group led by Brian R. King for adults living with ADHD or Aspergers. Learn tips and strategies for navigating adult responsibilities and relationships while respecting the unique challenges presented by living with ADHD or Aspergers.

Topics covered include:
– Relationship strategies
– Best practices for managing executive function deficits
– Self-Advocacy
– Confidence Building and more

You can also invest in 1 on 1 coaching with Brian.


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