On a scale from 1-10, what’s your anxiety level right now?

What’s the reason for that number, relationship issues, parenting issues . . . ?

Let’s create a plan with concrete, actionable steps to give you the relief you want.


The solutions are coming . . .

Become free of the negative thinking and self-sabotaging behavior that makes life harder than it needs to be.

Strategies to help you live a happier, more empowered and productive life.

How? By mastering the 4R’s of Life.


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BGA - October 10 2012Brian is a godsend. I had seen a number of therapists who would fail to figure me out and then blame me for not doing the work. Brian, on the other hand, figured out some of my core issues during our initial conversation. He has an uncanny ability to connect with his clients from the moment he first interacts with them. I have not felt this positive about myself in a while.


I highly, highly, recommend Brian. He is the best one can get! – Kristin Kohler


Learn to live your life according to the 4R’s of life that I’ve been practicing and teaching for almost 30 years.

1. I choose to be responsible for my thoughts, my emotions and my actions today. That I may choose to create my life instead of reacting to it. I will live from the best parts of myself as often as possible.

2. I choose to be resourceful. Remembering I am surrounded by the solutions I need to work through any adversity I face today. My anxiety falls away as I dwell in the possibilities.

3. I choose to be resilient. No matter how hard I’m knocked down I WILL NOT quit. Knowing that I will be stronger and wiser each time I stand back up.

4. I choose to practice reciprocity. I actively seek out relationships that make be better. I’d rather succeed together than feel lonely at the top. I will give as well as receive in gratitude to all those that help me to grow into the person I’m capable of being.

If the 4R’s were expressed in simple math, it would be
Responsibility + Resourcefulness + Reciprocity = Resilience


I’m Brian R. King, and as a result of:

  • Growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia andP.O.T.S.
  • Learning to find happiness while living with anxiety and depression.
  • Surviving cancer at age 18
  • Raising three sons with ADHD and Asperger’s
  • Most recently, being diagnosed with a debilitating condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.My positive, concrete and actionable strategies for navigating life using the 4R’s and teaching my children to do the same; is what people from around the world most want to learn from me.

Brian’s Method

The 4R’s is an approach Brian uncovered when reconstructing his own life after surviving a battle with cancer when he was 18 years old.
He wanted to heal the hurt, fear and general negativity he felt about life. In his search for a more positive mindset. He found a lot of theory around positivity, and plenty of platitudes and ‘new age woo woo’. He kept searching, and what he found was profound. The best of his discoveries he distilled into the 4R’s of Life.
When Brian introduced the 4R’s to his clients they were blown away.
His practical, actionable, workable, effective methodologies were the very things his clients had been searching for. His clients found they actually wanted to follow his suggestions. By doing so they experienced great results.
There’s one more thing. Brian has a brilliant ability to stare like a laser into the heart of the problem and identify what he calls your Effective Factor. Your Effective Factor is the one fact or belief about your situation that you can shift to turn everything around. This is another reason Brian’s coaching can help you change things fast.
Brian’s program is completely virtual
  • No appointments needed
  • No traffic to deal with
  • No fighting with the kids to get in the car
  • All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. To get the knowledge and skills you need to turn the lives of you and your child around.
  • Get the support you need, all week, wherever you are

What does Brian’s Program include?

You’ll receive access to Brian’s online library of video and audio lessons that include strategies to help you, reduce your anxiety, live in the moment, feel more confident in your parenting, be more productive etc . . .

You will be able to learn with and from other members in a private Facebook group exclusively for this program

You can participate in 1-3weekly Client Conference Calls where you get to talk with Brian and other community members LIVE.

Each call has a different focus. Talk to Brian to learn more.

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Born Digital

One of the unique aspects of my program is that it is delivered digitally.

The benefit of coaching children, teens, young adults etc., is that they were born in the digital age. We as parents were not.

I’ve coached several clients this week alone, who were born digital. Clients who have always known email and texting. Through these channels, I’ve helped them through relationship issues, anxiety attacks. Helped them build their confidence, make friends and more.

To us, who grew up before this digital age. The idea of receiving services like mine other than face to face may sound like heresy.

I spoke to two colleagues today. Who are enthusiastic about referring to me BECAUSE I coach digitally. They realize how important it is to work with our kids they way they want to be worked with.

My younger clients can text me:

  • From the bus on their way to school
  • From the privacy of their own room
  • When they feel alone in the cafeteria
  • After an argument with a sibling
  • I can help them when they need it, in the moment. When it matters most.

My adult clients text me:

  • During their work breaks
  • From the gym
  • First thing in the morning
  • On the weekends
  • When they need me

We, as parents. Need to get beyond the old paradigm that face to face is the only way. It isn’t. It’s our way, it’s what we know. It’s what we grew up with.

Our kids are being raised in a different world. We need to help them get the support they need. So they can succeed in their world, not ours.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk:

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I was a little skeptical at first when you started working with my son digitally, but I was quickly won over! It was great for him and a lot easier for me than schlepping him to a therapist’s office and sitting in the waiting room forever. – Peggy Lim

Brian is the sharpest minded, spot on coach, I have ever spoken to. With almost lightening speed, he’s able to help penetrate my confusion and get to the source of it all. Brian is able to drop a few actionable ideas, that make it all suddenly doable. In a few minutes I went from despair and confusion to clarity and enthusiasm. He is ready to sober you right away, so fast you don’t even know what hit you. He’s a real blessing.
Maya Sebok

I reached out to Brian King after experiencing a feeling of rejection I just couldn’t shake. As a result, I experienced something new. He helped me calm down, within minutes.He addressed my doubts; my stomach stopped churning and I started to shift internally to a calmer spot. –Scott Doucet

steveI’ve been an attorney for nearly 20 years and I own my own practice. I worked with Brian as my ADD and life coach. He has a very deep understanding of the challenges I face as an entrepreneur and as a father. His strategies and counsel has been instrumental in helping me manage my stress and keeping me on task in all areas of my life. –Steven Marderosian