“I highly recommend Brian! Over the past couple of months, Brian and I have done some really amazing work just using text messenging and fitting it in around train rides. I'm a big fan and can't wait to see what we tackle next.”
Lisa McNew

How does ADHD impact your life?

Where are you when it impacts you most (e.g. home, work, school)? 

How do you feel (anxious)? 

Don’t have time or aren’t in a place you can talk?

But you can send a text, right?

What if you could text someone right now when you feel anxious, scattered, disorganized and be guided back to a more calm and productive place? 

That would ROCK right!

No more rushing around in traffic so you won’t be late for our appointment. Because you don’t need to make one. You simply send a text. Imagine that . . .

Text based coaching ON DEMAND!

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Say you want to discuss something with a spouse, child, teacher or colleague and you aren’t sure how to word it. Your solution is a text away.

What am I talking about?

My coaching clients can message me every day to support and guide them with laser focused solutions, in the moment, right when you need them.

This real time availability is GOLD for creating a life where you manage the impact of ADHD instead of always reacting to it. 

That’s just the beginning my friend. 

Brian's ability to break through the BS and articulate exactly what people need to hear at the moment they need to hear it is beautiful.​
Nick Elkins

Tell me more!

My Mindset Reset Group Program builds on your and my text discussions with a weekly group Mastermind call. This a unique learning opportunity. 

Here’s what you get through this program:

  • 24/7 email/messaging access to me 
  • Daily check in email from me to set goals and make sure you’re staying on track
  • An entire library of resources (video, audio, worksheets)
  • It’s more affordable than 1 on 1 coaching
  • You have the joy of learning alongside others
  • You can participate in a 60-90 minute group call each week with teaching and hot seat coaching
    • Each call takes place on Zoom using your internet connection so you can participate from anywhere in the world. 
    • You can join using video conferencing or audio only
    • Calls are on alternating Mondays from 1-2 pm CST or from 6-7 pm CST
    • Calls are recorded in case you can’t make it.
  • Unlimited access to Private Members Only Facebook Group to questions and collaborate with other members in between calls.


The program is $197 per month! 


Yep, it’s that affordable and the benefits are huge.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

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