Swallowing pride is essential for you

Swallowing your pride is something you must be prepared to do if you’re committed to personal growth.

I spent most of yesterday at a hospital complex for a few medical tests.

​Use of my walker was required for the first test and thank goodness for that. The distance between appts was further than I anticipated.

​I felt how unsteady I was as I navigated the distance. A walk I likely couldn’t have made with a cane because of how much more difficult it is to balance.

​Why had I been resisting the walker? Others have remarked to me what an easier time I appeared to have walking with it.

​The villain was the negative conversation I had between my ears. “Walkers are for old people.”

​That limiting belief (among others) has held me back.

​Today, as I roamed the complex I saw plenty of people walking, using canes, wheelchairs etc.

​Including people who looked my age.

​It occurred to me in that moment that one reason I’ve resisted using the walker is because (in my mind), I couldn’t be invisible when I wanted to.

​I’m part introvert and largely want to be left alone in public. When I do stand out I want it on my terms. Sound familiar?

​Hard to do that with a walker.

​In the complex I felt like I fit in more, like people weren’t watching me and judging me because there were so many more like me.

​Right! Don’t care so much about what others think. I can do that, but only in the areas of my life I’ve made peace with.

​Still working on the disabilities that often move faster than the speed of acceptance.

​There’s a problem. I don’t want to live in a hospital complex. So how do I change my inner conversation to make me more at home with the walker?

​I remember the others my age I saw throughout the day. The ones refuting the limiting belief that walkers are for old people.

​The truth is, walkers are also for people like me. I can work with that.

How does this resonate with you? ​​

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday afternoon an ice storm came through and my body responded with headache, nausea and pain.

I indulged in a lot of self-care (sleep mostly) and this morning I feel pretty darn good now that the storm has passed. Being a human barometer can be very trying.

I did my share of wishing I lived someplace else and cursing my body.

After while I dug deeper.

To a deeper place located in the neighborhood of acceptance and perseverance. The “just hang on, this won’t last forever” voice.

I will be mindful and treat myself with love until this passes. Practice that.

EP 42 – I’ll change when you change

Do you remember when you were young, and an adult intervened when you were having an argument with a peer?

Invariably one of you would declare, “I’ll stop when he stops.” As though you were incapable of changing the course of your behavior unless someone else took the lead.

Now flash forward, imagine you still do this as an adult and trust me you do. It’s holding you back in ways you don’t realize. Please listen this to discover how this little habit sabotages you in a big way and what you can do about it.

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EP 26 – I am not my mental illness, I’m so much more

Living with a diagnosis, any diagnosis, can feel like you’re trapped in a diagnostic straight jacket you can’t escape from.

To a large degree, your relationship to your diagnosis is the gremlin that makes moving forward and living fully seem out of reach.

But there’s a mindset that blows open the door to growth beyond your diagnosis. Listen as I explain this mindset to you.

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EP 25 – My issue with the era of “being offended.”

If you find yourself “triggered” by a story, a comment, a video or something as mundane as a Facebook post, what do you do?

Do you become offended and chastise the source of said offense (something that just happened to me. Or do you look within to understand the source of your reaction?

Please listen as I explore the trend of being offended that is muddying our public discourse and sabotaging our personal growth.

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EP 24 – The myth of being “ready”

One of the more limiting beliefs we tend to hold onto is the one that says, “I can’t do it until I’m ‘ready.”

Listen as I explore the reason this belief is such a problem including:

1. Proactive vs reactive readiness

2. The role your definition of success plays in readiness

3. Whether perfectionism or fear play a role in your belief you need to be ready

4. Whether comparing yourself to others plays a role

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