Brian's ability to break through the BS and articulate exactly what people need to hear at the moment they need to hear it is beautiful.​
Nick Elkins
L&D Manager

Master Your Mindset Coaching Group Program

Let’s cut the crap. You’re an entrepreneur who has big ambitions but not as much to show for it as you’d like, right?

The problem isn’t that you lack the ability it’s that you lack the mindset, the focus and the strategies to make things happen on a consistent basis. 

You deserve to ROCK this life and I can help you do it. 

Watch a few of my videos to familiarize yourself with how I roll and then we’ll talk, cool?

Have a watch here

Talk to you soon,


Ready for Coaching?

Here’s how we’ll do it

Chances are we’ve already had a call so you know how this coaching can ROCK your world, right?

So my Master Your Mindset Group Program is a unique learning opportunity. 

  • You have access to an entire library of resources (video, audio, worksheets)
  • It’s more affordable than 1 on 1 coaching
  • You have the joy of learning alongside others
  • Each call takes place on Zoom using your internet connection so you can participate from anywhere in the world. 
  • You can join using video conferencing or audio only
  • A 60-90 minute group call each week with teaching and hot seat coaching
    • Alternating Mondays from 1-2 pm CST or from 6-7 pm CST
  • Calls are recorded in case you can’t make it.
  • Unlimited access to Private Members Only Facebook Group to questions and collaborate with other members in between calls.


The program is $1997, but if you’d like a payment plan you can do 12 payments of $197. Which one is a better fit for you?

Why a 12 month commitment?

  • We aren’t putting out fires we’re working for lifelong success.
  • Folks with busy and reactive brains tend to self-sabotage and impulsively quit when what they really need is extra coaching to get through the rough patch.

Contact me at to let me know which option you prefer and I’ll explain the next steps. I’m looking forward to having you in our tribe. 


What if I want 1 on 1 coaching? 

GROOVY then! Let me know that when you email me and we’ll discuss the specifics. 

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