Have you focused on your abilities lately


  Many of us with ADHD are so used to being criticized and so used to having difficulty that it’s easier to think that we have more weaknesses than we do strengths. It doesn’t help that those who are looking to support us also have a tendency to emphasize our challenges. They do this by encouraging […]

ADHD can be guilt free


  The moment after you take your first breath, you have a past. Then comes the day you begin judging the quality of your experiences, especially the ones you didn’t like.  One of the greatest powers you have is the ability to assign whatever meaning you choose to each moment of your life. Unfortunately you often treat the less than […]

Did you trust today

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I just want to say that writing an article while on a moving train is quite an adventure. I ride the train maybe once a year from my far west suburban community into Chicago, for business.  As I sat in my seat on the pleasantly warm train waiting for it to depart, it occurred to me […]

7 Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationships

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Whether it’s Entrepreneurs or parents, children or customers, I see my clients leading with beliefs and behaviors that sabotage their most important relationships. That is until, I show them a better path. As you know, the quality of your relationships = the quality of your life. Let’s take a look at where your relationship habits could […]