November 26, 2014

About Brian R. King, LCSW

Brian R. King, LCSW (ADHD & ASD Life Coach) is a #1 Best Selling Author, 25-year cancer survivor, adult with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He’s also the father of three sons ADHD and Autism Spectrum challenges. He is known worldwide for his books and highly engaging presentations that teach the power of connection and collaboration. His strategies empower others to overcome their differences so they can build powerful and lasting partnerships. His motto is: We’re all in this together. You can learn more about Brian through his websites and

Honesty is the lesson


  I wanted to share a conversation I had with my oldest son Zachary. Yesterday, I took him out to get more driving time toward his license. He informed me that many of his friends had already gotten their license without completing the necessary hours, “The DMV didn’t check the log of driving hours” he […]

Your child will escalate as you do . . .

Your child will escalate as you do, a

Is the child refusing a sensory break or . . . .

What a teacher interprets as a child

The way a child learns to make decisions . . .


The most appropriate label . . .


The speed of impatience . . .

At a recent presentation an attendee

How to confuse your child


I’ve worked with a variety of parents over the years and I have discovered one thing time and time again. That the most anxious and confused children stem from parents who refuse to work together in favor of insisting on doing things “my way” instead. When parenting becomes a passive-aggressive pissing contest between parents their […]

The blessing of rock bottom

Learn how to turn the experience of hitting “rock bottom” from the ending of what knew to a life more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

Finding Your Confidence

It’s hard to become more confident when you don’t know what it means to be confident. Watch as Brian shares a way to view confidence in a whole new way.

Just try harder – huh?

It seems each day I encounter another teacher who believes their student with ADHD can overcome attention issues through motivation alone. Even more frustrating is when they suggest it would be unfair to offer the student accommodations.   If it’s that simple I’d like to ask students to relinquish their eye glasses and try harder […]