The boss’s request and your challenge to remember anything


Your boss has something very important for you to do and s/he walks up to you saying, “Johnson I need . . .” and then it begins.

Your short term memory SUCKS and You know it. You also know you have to capture the boss’s request because s/he’s a busy person and is counting on you to do your job and do it well, right?

So besides asking him to repeat himself five times what do you do? You use a system.

Let’s KISS (Keep It Simple Student) shall we? Here are a few options.

Option 1

If you know your boss frequently sends you lengthy emails (not always organized), or comes to your desk to deliver his request the same way, you need a way to organize it and execute it, right?

My best recommendation to you is to have a pad of paper, your smart phone, or whatever else you use to take important notes on and have it ready with the following outline . . . 

  • What is the stated problem?
  • What is the desired solution?
  • Who is this for?
  • When is it needed by?
  • What are my first steps?
  • What information do I need to complete this request (who has it)?
  • Why must I do this?

Answer: To show the boss how good I am at what I do.
To show him I’m an asset, etc.

Remember, the order of the questions (or even the questions themselves) is less important than your ability to gather what you need to take organized action in order to create consistent results for your employer or client.

Option 2

If you want to work from a list that is more concise I recommend something like this:

  • Problem:
  • Solution:
  • Action:
  • Delivered by:

How much time, over the course of the week will it save both of you to use this method? Lots. 

Please ask me any questions you have on how to use this approach effectively. Also, feel free to share your strategies with me.

Thanks for being you.