You can find the silver lining every time…

If there’s a silver lining to a rough childhood, or any difficult life experience for that matter, it’s that it was temporary.

I had a wonderful talk with a new friend this morning and we compared notes on how we endured difficult childhoods.

We both had an inner knowing things would get better one day. That was key to maintaining our perseverance.

As adults, being fed up with feeling miserable and seeing working through as a means to being free of the suffering was important as well.

We didn’t mindlessly repeat the same patterns as parents, pretend like we were without fault. We knew we were negatively impacted by our upbringing and took deliberate steps to address it.

We sought professional guidance to help us navigate this delicate journey.

Even at our age we continue to uncover and unpack some soreness and such. Hidden in emotional shadows.

Years of the wrong kind of attention can be hard to get out of your system.

All it takes to start this journey, is loving yourself enough to realize you deserve to feel better than you do now.

Getting things done when you don’t know how long it’ll take

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Nipping IMPULSIVITY in the bud!

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Movement can be help you work through your emotions

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Can you be a little mentally ill?

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There’s no such thing as a stupid question

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