Sometimes the world is too loud

Our world just seems to be getting more intense, doesn’t it?

Between the TV, the smartphones, computers and such. The world is a noisy place.

It doesn’t help the internal noise either. The more you take in the more your mind tends to concern itself with.

“Cutting the cord” is a term used to describe the decision to cancel your cable service and go TV free. Not only as a cost cutting measure but as a way to eliminate some of the noise.

Within the past few days, several of my clients mentioned their sound sensitivity. Such that simple background noise can be a source of tremendous aggravation.

When you’re a student in a classroom during group time, people need to talk. If that makes it hard for you to concentrate, asking the entire class to quiet down is unreasonable.

My wife and I find noisy restaurants overwhelming and exhausting because of the noise. We can’t insist the management institute a “keep it down” policy.

More often than not, the problem isn’t the world. The world is what it is. The problem is that you don’t brainstorm the options you have to modify your experience of the noisy world we live in.

Think the news is too negative? Don’t watch it, read your news online instead.

Think TV shows are too violent? Don’t watch them, read an inspirational book.

Think restaurants are too noisy? Try foam earplugs like my wife and I do. We can still hear each other, but the restaurant noise is far more subdued.

When you’re one of the sensitives in this world, you need to strive to maintain your own balance by discovering the tools and strategies that help you maintain your calm and focus in a world that seems to be interested in finding new ways to be noisy.

Fortunately, you were born to be resourceful for things like this. You just have to remember to use it more and complain less.

Let me know how I can help you with this?

Thanks for being you

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