What one ancient Greek doctor can teach you about ADHD

What do you think about the validity of book knowledge (pro, con)?
Do you record your knowledge for future generations? What about for yourself?

I was watching a show about the origins of modern medicine. In one segment they featured a gentleman historically known as Galen. He was a doctor in ancient Greece who was hired to tend to wounded Gladiators so they could return to battle.

He became quite skilled at treating battle wounds and experimented with cauterization, surgery and other techniques.

Robert Koch, a German physician who lived in the 1800’s, conducted a series of experiments using a new technology (the microscope). He discovered that disease was passed from one animal to the next through microscopic organisms. This discovery revolutionized medicine.

What the hell does this have to do with ADHD Bri?

What led to these and other people throughout history making such an impact on humanity, is that they wrote everything down. Each time they discovered something that worked, they wrote it down.

I’m no Galen or Koch but I do the same thing. My reasoning is different. My working memory is so poor that even though I’m gifted at solving problems of human thinking. I may forget the solution the next time the problem arises.

The same goes with my morning routine. It’s the same routine I’ve had for years but wouldn’t you know it, I forget something almost every time if I don’t follow my written list.

I don’t know about you, but pride is a real innovation killer. Pride says, “I’ll remember it! I don’t have to write it down?”

How’s that workin’ for yah?

It’s imperative to value progress more than pride if you want to make things happen in this world.

You feel stuck and unfulfilled in life largely because you stand in your own way by clinging to a bunch of useless beliefs in habits, more in service of protecting your ego than advancing your life.

Time to take out the trash my friend.

Thanks for being you

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