Doing this can dramatically turn things around

I have found the most self-defeating emotion to be anxiety. It rests the mind and body on the precipice of fight or flight. It sabotages your memory and problem solving ability.

I came across an article yesterday (click here) that reiterates what I’ve been saying for years. A lot of the acting out behavior you see in our kiddos is driven by anxiety.

Heck, do you want to know my top secret for managing my ADHD without medication? I use meditation and other strategies to manage my anxiety. I’ve also discovered that I don’t need caffeine either. As long as my anxiety is managed I have the focus I need to be productive.

With my anxiety managed, I’m much calmer and see a measurable improvement in my focus and memory. You could really use that couldn’t you?

In fact, here’s a short video in which I teach one of my strategies for reducing anxiety you’re going to love it.

So many of the parents I work with are a bundle of nerves and wonder why their kids are so anxious. Ringin’ any bells here?

As the saying goes, put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help someone else with theirs.

Thanks for being you

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