Curiosity DID NOT kill the cat

There are far too many cop outs in this world and I hope to hell you aren’t one of them.

Each day I challenge those who follow me onFacebook to take action in some way. I give them a word and ask them to live it somehow. Do you know why I do this? Because action kills fear, that’s why.

The word I chose today is, “Curiosity” and the first person who responded wrote, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I almost gave her the one finger salute. Instead, I did a quick google search to help show her just how big a pile of bullshit she was shoveling.

I’ve heard this cliche flung left and right by people who don’t have the first clue about its origin. Without exception, people who want to keep their asses tight and never venture outside their comfort zones take this saying to mean that curiosity is bad. WROOONG!

“Curiosity killed the cat” means that people who poke their noses into other people’s business will get themselves into trouble.

It doesn’t mean be afraid of new things, never question your own beliefs, ask questions of yourself or others.

It does advise you not to be careless in your curiosity, e.g. “I wonder what will happen if I stick my finger in this mousetrap?”

It warns against acting impulsively. Hard to do for the impulsive ADHD crowd but solid guidance nonetheless. My impulsivity has gone way down over the years as I’ve employed a number of strategies to become better at thinking before I act. Interested?

I understand how difficult life can be when you receive more criticism than compliments. But your curiosity is one of your greatest assets.

Curiosity compels you to question the way you’re being taught. It inspires you to explore new ways of learning until you find the way that works for you.

Curiosity moves you to ask another person, “Is there something I can help you with?” So they can experience your gifts and you can experience feeling valued.

Curiosity finds the courage to ask, “Is this seat taken?” So you can introduce yourself to someone who could become a friend or even your partner for life.

Please stop shitting all over curiosity regardless of what happened to the cat. You aren’t a cat a.k.a. “p***y” are you? I didn’t think so.


Thanks for being you

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