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Episode 4: Stronger Together

Enjoy this 20 min keynote presentation Brian delivered with his 14 yr old son Aidan. It was a presentation given at an all school assembly (at Aidan’s school), in support of the “End the R Word Campaign.” Quotes from the presentation include: The worst thing you can do, is make up a story about who … Read more…

Thanks for being you

Episode 3: An interview with Michael Neeley

Michael Neeley– Mindfulness & Resilience (Show Notes) Michael defines mindfulness as awareness by tuning into what is going on in that particular moment. Brian adds: “You are the real-time author of the story between your ears” Michael started very early on trying to grasp his whole reason for being here. “The more I explored this, … Read more…

Thanks for being you

Episode 1: One decision from freedom

In this first episode of my new podcast. I discuss a limiting belief that was making managing my physical disability more difficult. It was uncovered in the simplest of ways. Confronting it honestly and moving through it, opened the door to greater freedom and joy. Listen now 🙂

Thanks for being you