ADHD may result in a lack of focus but not of purpose.

It isn’t a lack of will power,

It is a lack of skill power.

It isn’t a lack of vision
It is a lack of execution.

You are capable of making a greater impact on this world.

Not until you match the will with the skill and focus on consistent execution in service of your vision.

Brian is "The Master of the workaround." ➡ He's literally showing me how to grow and run a business from my phone in my recliner. ➡ When I found Brian it was after working to find a job I could do and a company willing to accomodate me the way I needed so I could do the job. Neither I or Voc Rehab could find anything. ➡ I felt trapped. ➡ My friends in the disabilities community become excited when I tell them about Brian. ➡ He's a business coach with a disability teaching other entrepreneurs with disabilities how to be successful under our unique circumstances ➡ Brian is exceedingly patient and creates a space where its okay to struggle while finding the way that works for you to run your business while taking care of your own needs. ➡ There's no other coach like Brian.
Lisa Hiering
SSDI Specialist
This guy....Brian R. King is probably one of the most wonderful human beings I have the pleasure to work with! ➡ Helping people to truly see their worth & value, how to guide others into understanding & finding helpful solutions to the life situations, relationships or business difficulties that we find challenging. ➡ Brian really helps & supports with troublesome mindset habits not just as an entrepreneur but with life in general, always providing just the right advise & support. ➡ He also brings others together in a way that each of us feel connected as a tribe & family where each of us have something unique to bring to the table & opinions respected. ➡ Brian also has an amazing perspective & expertise in parenting children with behaviours that can challenge , ADHD & Autism and can therapeutically connect & understand providing us with better more productive ways to understand our children. ➡ If that's not enough to go on ....go and check out some of his useful & highly helpful videos! ➡ Just from 1 call today I've been able to go from being a bit of a couch potatoe to creating content for my entire week!
Becky Stephenson

Living with multiple chronic conditions including ADHD & MS has made Brian a master of resilience and resourcefulness.

He uses what he’s learned to help his clients thrive in the face of adversity.

Brian is a one of a kind problem solver. Read his story to learn more.