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Who’s the villain?

Do you ever find yourself lashing out at people, then walk away asking, “Why did I do that? I don’t like feeling or acting that way.” The next question to ask yourself is, “Who is the villain I was attacking just now?” You may discover, it was a villain that attacked you a long time ago. … Read more…

Thanks for being you

Victim no more

Whether you think of yourself as a “victim” or a “victor.” Either role possesses an element of aggression, resistance against a foe we imagine to be outside of ourselves. In a universe that is rooted in love and creation. There is a middle way. There is nothing done unto us. There are, however, opportunities placed … Read more…

Thanks for being you

Grow your business by how you show up


I just had a very heartfelt phone conversation with a gentleman I met on Twitter. Let’s call him John. John was intrigued by my discussion of mindfulness and wanted to know more. He asked, “What kind of people usually find their way to you?” I answered him from my heart instead of from a memorized … Read more…

Thanks for being you